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Core Values:

Cuckoo’s primary goal is to strengthen and develop essential values in children:

Encouraging Empowerment


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Cuckoo’s HISTORY

Cuckoo’s story started as an idea to create a safe space for children of all ages to have fun without disregarding the importance of learning and growing, capitalizing on the underlying need for a play area that develops and enriches children, preparing them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

From there, Cuckoo’s concept came to life, engulfing an array of uniquely designed activities and games, alongside workshops, camps, and parties, all under the supervision of trained professionals.

Cuckoo’s is a Bilingual center that encourages kids to explore their strengths, strengthen their weaknesses, build social skills, boost their confidence, awaken their creativity, tap into hidden talents, develop cognitive skills, and enhance physical capabilities.

Using age-appropriate STEM activities, games & toys, Cuckoo’s can help children thrive on an individual level and enhance their intellectual capabilities in multiple areas. We provide a wide range of edutainment activities for kids between 2-7 years old in both languages English and Arabic.
Children will also stimulate their brains and spark their creativity with the countless activities available at the hands-on area, including arts and crafts, playdough, coloring, and STEM toys.

Furthermore, Cuckoo’s plans, organizes and manages impressive birthday parties with special birthday offers. Besides, we host entertaining and educational events including but not limited to storytelling, magic shows, movie nights, puppet shows, and many seasonal celebrations like Easter, Ramadan, Christmas, Halloween…

Refreshments, treats, and a selection of hot beverages are readily available on-site, along with a space for parents to sit back and relax while their children are having a blast!


Cuckoo’s offers a soft play gym, sensory toys, a ball pool, a magnetic wall, and soft play shapes. There is an intriguingly fun maze where they can climb steps, cross a bridge, swing, slide, and bounce on the trampoline.


IN City Center Al Zahia

Cuckoo’s offers a larger soft play gym, sensory toys, a magnetic wall, and soft play shapes. Children will also enjoy the pretend play in Cuckoo’s Playtown. There is a challenging Karting track, Play station area, Hockey table and trampoline

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What we do

it's all about fun

(8 Months – 2 Years) 

The secure, soft environment can boost a child’s confidence and energize them to thrust their physical boundaries. This confidence to crawl and walk with no difficult bumps when they fall will see children move forward their deftness, muscle strength and balance. Babies and toddlers will involvement modern surfaces in soft play.

Circuitous paths, nooks and crannies filled with the possibility of never-ending clambering and exploring in this area, with soft and rounded off edges to ensure hours of fun in a perfectly safe environment.

Why not provide them with the opportunity to experience a spa day! Our services includes Hair braiding, Face Painting, Nail Art & Tattoo.

Arts and crafts describes a wide variety of activities involving making things with one’s own hands. We encourage the child to try new things and push their creative minds to use their hands and produce items. Both adults and child can enjoy it.

We customize the arts and crafts according to occasions, holidays and camps.

Face painting is a fun activity that goes over well at every party. This approach is fun for both children and adults. All with a nontoxic and easy to wash set of paint our artists can draw all what you desire.

We Organize & Manage the events.

We offer party services, A to Z solution based on your needs.

Let’s make birthday memories together! 

Each child cherishes having a special theme for their party. We offer a wide selection of age-appropriate children’s birthday party themes indoor and outdoor for children 1 to 14 years old. 

Our  workshops and camps are inspired of the time of the year and holiday activities tailored and designed for kids ages 2 – 7 years old. Our staff is well trained to assist the kids with the playful and learning journey they spend at Cuckoo’s.

Storytelling itself is a great way to improve children’s oral fluency and help them understand concepts that underpin literacy and literature. We provide sessions in English/Arabic.

and games

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